How To Repair Gaming Headset? 5 Tips If You Want To Fix It By Yourself

How to repair gaming headset? Loss of sound in gaming headset is a common problem. But don’t worry, you can fix it easily. This guide will show you how to repair gaming headset with the help of a few simple steps. In this blog, we also have an article about xpoko wired gaming headset review that you might want to read about it.

You need a good headset (or gaming headphones, if you prefer) for online gaming. Without one, you won’t have a reliable way to trash talk the competition or coordinate strategies with your team or guild. Surprisingly, gaming headsets are pretty good tools for your home office.”

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What is Gaming Headset?

Gaming headsets are an essential accessory for anyone who enjoys video games. But what exactly is a gaming headset? What are the different types of gaming headsets available in the market? This article will take you through the various features and specifications of a gaming headset.

A gaming headset is basically a pair of headphones that have been specially designed with audio quality, comfort, style and price as its main considerations. If you’re not familiar with how to choose gaming headsets, then this guide will help you. The following sections cover each one of these categories. We have also given some general guidelines on choosing your next gaming headset so you can get started right away!

Gaming headsets are designed to allow you to hear audio and virtual surround sound. True, not all of these headsets are created equal. Some are going to give you mind-blowing surround sound, and others are going to be somewhere in the middle range. In most cases, with gaming headsets, you will get to the quality that you pay for.”

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Why your gaming headset broken?

Most of the time, your gaming headset breaks because of poor manufacturing quality. Most of the times, the headband has broken from the stress from daily use. Also, there is a chance that the driver has come loose and hit against something inside your computer or maybe even into your ear. Here are some tips that you should follow if you want to repair your gaming headset:

  1. If you don’t know how to do it yourself, find someone who knows about fixing electronics to fix your headset.
  2. Remove all the screws that hold the cables together by unscrewing them.
  3. Use only high-quality replacement parts.
  4. Make sure that you tighten the screws very well.
  5. Try to keep the cable lengths short but comfortable.

How To Repair Gaming Headset Cable

From beginning to end, there are only a few steps. The tediousness of it is the worst part. Before you begin, remove any combustible objects from the area. Let’s not play with fire, even though it’s quite improbable that anything bad will happen. There is a lot of control in the bathroom.

Strip the cable

The bottle opener can be pressed against the handle to open it. Finally, apply pressure to the blade by pressing it against the cable’s outer sheath.

We’ll remove the outer sheath once the cable has been entirely disassembled. The lengthier the piece, the better, if you’ve never done something before, like I had. If you make a mistake, all you have to do is cut it out and start over.

Using a wire stripper or the notch on your knife, cut off the cable’s 2 inches. A wire remover may have a component that locks into place at an angle of 90 degrees if it’s real. The bottle opener should be lowered, but the wire should remain attached. Continue to lower it until it becomes stuck between the bottle opener and the knife handle. Sink the knife all the way through the sheath at this point.

Keep the longer end of the cable steady while you rotate the knife in a full circle from this point onward. Rotating the handle with a little bit of pressure helps. Make sure you aren’t putting too much pressure on the internal wiring and causing it to fail. That’s why we started with the lengthier cable in the first place.

Pull the knife and excess cable in opposing directions once you’ve spun the blade around the jacket. Three or four wires will be exposed when the sheath is loosened. Red, blue, green, and copper cables are all color-coded in the Razer Kraken X’s motherboard. Afterward, repeat this procedure for the other segment of the damaged cable.

An X-Acto knife is preferable to an army knife when working with flat or ribbon cables. In this case, it’s more delicate. Running along the cord, cut two inches from each side. The wires can then be seen by lifting the flaps. After that, remove each one by hand or with tweezers one at a time.

Remove the wire coating in the second step.

It should look like this when you’ve finished slicing each end of the cable apart. The colored coating on each wire should then be removed and burned off one by one.

You’ll need to remove the outer covering once you’ve removed each wire from its jacket. To keep track of which wire is which, leave a small amount of the coloring at the base of each one. As a result, you don’t have to rely on your memory when connecting red to red, green to green, etc.

It’s best to do this one by one, wire by wire. When the melted coating is peeled back, the bare wire can be seen poking through the surface. Just blow it out if the flame starts to go down the wire. As you complete each wire, place it to the side and go on. Remove the ash when all of the coatings have been consumed. With a paper towel, you may achieve the same effect. Repeat this process with the other component of the original cable, just like in the first step.

Reconnect the cables

We’re nearing the finish line. You’ll need to reattach each wire one by one now. Heat shrink tubing can be used to cover the exposed wires on each cable component if you choose. This will come in handy in the future.

It’s a good idea to leave a small amount of color on each of the wires. Because of this. Wrap the wires in the same direction, one at a time. Weakest step in the process. Because of the delicate nature of this process, it is imperative that it be done with care. Wires should not be able to separate if the wrapping is too tight.

There is no right or wrong way to do things, but if you prefer to work from the inside out, that’s fine, too. I made the mistake of doing the opposite, which made it difficult to join the inner wires.

If heat shrink tubing is not being used:

Pre-cut electrical tape can be used to individually wrap each repaired wire. The wires will be better protected if you do this. Wrap each of the three taped wires with a single piece of electrical tape from this point onward. ‘ Viola. To be used at home, this should be fine.

Use a heat shrinking tube:

Pre-cut electrical tape will suffice for wrapping two of the cables. Heat shrinking tubes are then slipped over the encased cables. A lighter can be held underneath the tube, but care must be taken not to touch the tubing with the flame. As a result, the tube around the wiring will contract and become more secure. Well done, you’re now ready to return to the world of audiophile listening.

Why buying gaming headset

The most common reason why people buy a gaming headset is because they want better sound than their PC speakers or other audio devices. A good gaming headset will provide clear high-quality audio that allows you to hear all sounds from game characters and enemies. You should be able to hear everything clearly even when playing at higher volumes.

Some gaming headsets come with built-in microphones so you don’t need to use the mics connected to your computer. Some gaming headsets may also come with additional features like a volume control or mic mute buttons. It is important to make sure that the headset has enough memory space for storing your music collection.

Before buying

A gaming headset consists of a set of headphones that connect directly to your computer via USB or Bluetooth technology. They usually come bundled with a microphone, which lets you communicate with friends while playing online games.

In addition to the above mentioned functions there other characteristics that define any type of product. These include:

  1. Comfort – Do the ear cups fit well over your ears? Is it too big, or small? How comfortable do they feel around your head?
  2. Style – What kind of look do you prefer? Do you want something simple or elegant? Or maybe something futuristic looking?
  3. Audio Quality – Just how loud can it play? Does it distort easily? Have you ever noticed how many times your favorite songs end up being played backwards?
  4. Sound Output – Are the speakers powerful enough for your needs? Can you adjust the bass/treble levels to suit your preferences?
  5. Connections – Is it easy to connect? Do you need extra cables? And if so, where would you keep them?


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