How To Flatten RGB Mouse Pad? Superb 3 Steps To Do It

RGB Mouse Pads

Do you know how to flatten RGB mouse pad? What is RGB Mouse pad? Mouse pad is used to avoid the risk of slipping on the mouse. The top mouse pads are designed with the help of different colors. They are used to differentiate between different tasks. The RGB mouse pads can be used to identify the usage of the mouse pad. The RGB mouse pads are highly durable and are easy to use.

They have a high level of sensitivity, which is required for all mouse movements. The speed of mouse movement is highly dependent on the amount of sensitivity.  Mouse pads have great response time, which keeps the user engaged in every move and reduces eye strain as well. In this blog, we also have an article about rgb mouse pad under 500 that you might want to read about it.

The RGB Hard Gaming Mousepad is a vibrant, durable mousepad built for pro-level gaming. It features a low-friction surface optimized for optical and laser mice sensors.”


How To Flatten RGB Mouse Pad?

  1. Place your Mousepad on a flat area and wrap it with a thick towel. Caution: Never use anything less than 500 GSM.
  2. Preheat your iron to a medium setting. And after the Mousepad is covered, begin ironing it. While ironing, always begin at the corner and work your way to the center of the Mousepad.
  3. Repeat the procedure two-three times more.

Always keep in mind that you cannot allow your Iron to come into direct touch with the Mousepad while using this approach. While this strategy is advantageous in that it keeps you hassle-free for an extended period of time, you need exercise extreme caution when it comes to RGB. If you do not want to utilize heat, you may roll it in the other way. However, bear in mind that you will need to repeat this procedure often to flatten your Mousepad.

As you’d expect for such an expensive mousemat, the tracking is excellent on each of the pads – but let’s be clear: the surface material can be found on mousemats costing half the price, plus there isn’t any tactical advantage to be gained from additional investment.”

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Benefits of flattening RBG mouse pad

The surface of the mouse pad is uniform, so there will be no difference in pressure on one side or another. It also improves the accuracy of the cursor by reducing accidental clicks and drifts. The flattened surface prevents friction against your palm. As a result, you get an improved grip on the mouse.

Reducing the resistance makes it easier and enjoyable to use. So, using the mouse pad that has been flattened is not only beneficial for your health but also for your comfort. This will increase productivity and save precious time.

How to Choose the Best Mouse Pad?

You can easily choose your mouse pad according to your needs. But before buying this type of items you must keep some points in mind. These points will help you to make a wise decision. Keep them in mind while choosing your mouse pad.


Measure the width and length of your desk or table. Make sure that they are not less than 15 inches.


It is possible that you may need two or three sizes for yourself. So, measure the thumb’s length as well.

Grip Area

Check whether your palms fit perfectly without having any gap or space between them.

Surface Quality

Check the quality of material used to create it. Also read the reviews written by customers who bought this item.


Use the mouse pad for a long period of time. Check its resistance towards daily wear. It should last longer than one year.

How To Clean Mousepads

If your Mousepad is sticky, utilizing it will be difficult. You are unable to move your mouse accurately, and so on. Your Mousepad should be cleaned three to four times a year. Additionally, it is preferable to avoid eating and drinking at your computer desk. Please use caution if you do so. To begin, you’ll want a shampoo or shower gel. You may also use soap, although it is recommended to avoid it. The following are the steps for cleaning a mouse pad:

  1. Scrub the Mousepad gently with the shower gel or shampoo. You may use a brush, but proceed with caution.
  2. Remove any shampoo or gel residue from the Mousepad.
  3. Utilize a towel to absorb any remaining moisture. Additionally, let it to dry under a ceiling fan.