How Much Does A Wireless Headset Cost? 4 Superb List About This Gear Cost

What is Wireless Headset

So, how much does a wireless headset cost? A wireless gaming headset is one of the most liberating gaming PC accessories you can purchase. Along with a wireless gaming mouse, a wireless gaming headset allows you to remain immersed in the action of your favorite games while remaining mobile. Additionally, it’s a need if you’re playing on a television or projector and don’t want to be connected by an audio line.

Wireless headsets are generally sold as either wired-only or with rechargeable batteries that need to be swapped out when empty. And since they aren’t connected to any power source, they run off battery life rather than AC power like desktop speakers. As such, those who prefer a portable setup will find them more convenient than wired headphones, especially since there are fewer cables involved. But this convenience comes with tradeoffs: They typically cost much less than their wired counterparts and require no additional software installation. In this blog, we also have an article about Ternzun 1000mAh battery wireless headset review that you might want to read about it.

The best wireless gaming headset is the one wireless peripheral that offers complete freedom from your desktop. No longer do you need to worry about being AFK on Discord, just take your headset with you to the kitchen for a cup of tea.”

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How Much Does A Wireless Headset Cost

Wireless headsets come in two varieties: Bluetooth and USB. Both types connect wirelessly through short-range radio waves. But Bluetooth has the edge in terms of compatibility. So how much does a wireless headset cost?

  • Bluetooth headsets range in price from $20 to $200, depending on their features and quality. Additionally, brand might affect the price.
  • While entry-level Bluetooth headsets range in price from $20 to $60, they often lack the ergonomic fit, sound quality, and connection dependability of more costly ones. The Jawbone Icon HD is a popular and well-reviewed model that retails for $60 on Amazon. The Plantronics Marque 2 is available for $60 from Best Buy.
  • Higher-priced Bluetooth headsets range from $70-$200 and have superior sound quality and noise-canceling technology than some of the lower-priced models. The Plantronics Voyager Pro[3] is a well-reviewed headset that retails for $120 at Walmart.
  • Bluetooth headphones for game consoles range in price from $30 to $100. For instance, charges $40 for an Xbox 360 wireless headset with Bluetooth.

A wireless gaming headset is one of the most freeing accessories you can get for your gaming PC. Right next to a wireless gaming mouse, a wireless gaming headset will let you stay in the action of your favorite games while moving freely.”

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There are many benefits to using a wireless headset:

  • It doesn’t take up desk space or clutter wires
  • You don’t have to worry about messy headphone cords getting tangled around each other, tripping over your feet, or falling behind your monitor
  • If you’re using it at home, you don’t have to set up extra wires or run speaker wire back to your receiver or amplifier
  • Since they’re not hooked into any external equipment, you’ll avoid having to deal with messy hardware setups, which means you won’t accidentally unplug something important while trying to fiddle with something else
  • They’re easier to move from room to room, since you only have to carry one device
  • And finally, because they’re so light and sleek, you might even forget you’re wearing them.
  • But what do you look for in a wireless headset? Below, we’ve listed some of the main features you should consider before making a purchase.

Features to Look For When Buying A Wireless Gaming Headset

1. Quality Build Materials

The best wired and wireless headsets will use high quality materials throughout. While you may see cheap plastic made headsets advertised, these tend to be flimsy affairs at best. If you spend $50+ on a pair of headphones, you expect you’ll get a solid product without worrying about failure.

That being said, you shouldn’t be too concerned about the exact material used to make a particular model. After all, a lot of things are manufactured in China, including many popular brands. The key thing here is that the manufacturers don’t skimp on the parts used. By paying a little more upfront, you’ll end up with a higher quality product in the long term.

2. Clear Sound Quality

While most people assume that sound quality improves with distance, this isn’t always true. In fact, the opposite can often happen. This is why you’ll often find inexpensive models claim to offer “360° surround” or “7.1 virtual channels.” These claims mean nothing though, since they’re often marketing ploys designed to fool consumers into buying products that perform poorly.

As such, you should steer clear of anything claiming to offer “surround sound,” “virtual surround,” “7.1 channel” capabilities, or similar things. Instead, look for models that feature high definition digital/analogue conversion technology and good passive noise cancellation. Digital signal processing has become increasingly common in today’s headphones, offering better audio fidelity and improved clarity.

3. Noise Cancelling Technology

Noise canceling technology offers a number of advantages. Not only does it improve sound quality, but it also helps keep ambient noise from entering your ears. Since game consoles are notorious for producing loud background noises during gameplay, this makes game play far more enjoyable.

4. Battery Life

Battery life is another major factor to consider. You want to pick a unit that lasts long enough to last through multiple hours of gaming. Of course, if you plan on playing games outside of your house, then battery life may not matter as much. But if you plan on playing inside the house, you definitely want a powerful unit that doesn’t drain within minutes of charging.

5. Portability

Portability is an interesting aspect to consider when shopping around. Sure, you could buy a pair of over-the-ear headphones that weigh less than a pound each , but how portable are those really? Do you plan on carrying those headphones everywhere? Or would you rather just pack a couple pairs of smaller earbuds instead?

You need to think about portability carefully before picking out any particular pair of headphones. It’s easy to overlook this when shopping online, but you’ll soon realize that certain units aren’t exactly lightweight. So be sure to take note of the weight of any potential purchases before buying.

6. Comfort

There are two types of comfort: physical and emotional. Physical comfort refers to comfort when the headband is tightly fitting against your head.


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