Gaming Mouse Buttons Function – 3 Amazing Points You Need To Know

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What is gaming mouse buttons function? How to Use Gaming Mouse Buttons?

Programmable buttons are the side buttons of gaming mouse.

They are used to execute in-game commands with a single button click…

…removing the need to use or memorize complicated hotkeys.

Each button can be programmed or assigned to do different game functions.

If you’re playing a first-person shooter (FPS) game like Battlefield or Call Of Duty…

…for example, you can designate side buttons to be used for rapid firing, reloading, scopes, and so on.

They’re ideal for high-level programming. Many programmers exclusively utilize gaming mice for programming.

In reality, rather than all-purpose mice, you can get gaming mice that are tailored to your specific demands.

Gaming mice provide a variety of options and functionality.

They are available in both wireless and wired configurations.

This is what Helen said….

I had no idea what the side buttons did when I first started using a gaming mouse.

However, I now understand that the side buttons on gaming mice are referred to as programmable buttons.

They are used to execute in-game commands with a single button click…

…removing the need to use or memorize complicated hotkeys.

Each button can be programmed or assigned to do different game functions. I’m truly astounded.

Mouse buttons are microswitches which can be pressed to select or interact with an element of a graphical user interface, producing a distinctive clicking sound.

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How Many Buttons do Gaming Mice Have?

At the very least, a gaming mouse should have six buttons.

The standard left-side (M1) and right-side (M2) buttons on the top are required.

On the left side, there should be at least two buttons where your thumb will rest.

The M3 scroll wheel and the DPI button on the top are a must-have.

The remaining buttons are entirely up to you. It is critical to think about…

…a gaming mouse button because it is through these buttons that you will complete the duties.

So don’t get a gaming mouse that matches your unique style but isn’t appropriate for your needs or comfort.

The gaming industry has exploded, and there are now more possibilities than ever.

The gaming mouse offers more options than any of us can imagine.

There are gaming mice with dedicated buttons for certain activities, mice tailored to specific game genres…

..and mice that may be used for a variety of applications.

Mouses with more than six buttons can enable you play faster action games like MMO and MOBA.

With more controls, you can conveniently access various operations and commands.

Slower games, on the other hand, can be played successfully with only 6 buttons.

The keybind number in a game aids in determining the number of mouse buttons.

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FORKA Wired Gaming Mouse 6Button 3200DPI

Gaming mouse buttons function

FORKA Wired Gaming Mouse 6Button 3200DPI has been designed…

…with a professional gamer in mind. It is designed to offer you the best gaming experience.

Here are my review on this mouse.

For gamers, speed is of the essence.

It’s more than just how quickly you can turn your cursor on a screen to point at things…

…or how fast you can move a mouse pointer around on a screen.

It’s also about speed in real life, which is why it’s important to have the right equipment for gaming.

The FORKA Wired Gaming Mouse is a wired mouse that has 6 buttons, 3200 DPI, and RGB lighting.

Forka is a gaming peripheral company that has gained a lot of popularity recently.

Their mouse, which they call the “Wired Gaming Mouse”, is a unique 3200DPI gaming mouse…

…that gives you the option to plug in your USB to PS/2 adapter and use it as your standard gaming mouse.

If you are looking for a new gaming mouse, then FORKA Wired Gaming Mouse 6Button is the best option for you.

This mouse is designed with 6-button and it is easy to use.

It is designed with high-quality materials and it has a long lasting durability.

If you are looking for a good gaming mouse, then this one is a good choice for you.

It is made of high quality ABS plastic, which is durable and reliable.

It is designed to offer comfort during long hours of gaming.

The mouse can be used for both right-handed and left-handed people.

It comes with DPI switch and the scroll wheel, which are very useful for the gamers.

It has an RGB backlit option, which is very useful in low light

FORKA Wired Gaming Mouse 6Button is a wireless gaming mouse.

It has got an ergonomic design and it is equipped with 6 programmable buttons.

You can easily switch between different profiles with a press of a button.

The mouse has got a weight of 85 grams. It is compatible with Windows and Mac OS X.

FORKA Wired Gaming Mouse 6 Button is one of the best wired gaming mouse available in the market.

It is a wired mouse that has a total of 6 buttons. It has a very comfortable and ergonomic design.

It has a highly sensitive mouse sensor that gives you an accurate movement and smooth gaming experience.

The mouse is suitable for all types of games like FPS, RTS, MOBA, RPG and MMORPG.

It has a sleek design and high quality. The mouse has a scroll wheel that helps to scroll up and down.

It also has a button that acts as the mouse’s left click button.

The FORKA Wired Gaming Mouse 6Button is a wired gaming mouse…

…that supports any PC, laptop or tablet with a USB port.

It features a high-precision optical sensor that allows you…

…to play games in a high resolution and at a high speed.

The FORKA Wired Gaming Mouse 6Button is perfect for people who want to play games…

…at high speeds and also want to do so without the hassle of having to plug in their mouse.

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ZUOYA USB 7 Buttons Wired Gaming Mouse Review

Zuoya usb 7 buttons wired gaming mouse

ZUOYA USB 7 Buttons Wired Gaming Mouse is a wireless gaming mouse with 7 programmable buttons.

It has a stylish design, which is also durable and easy to use.

The main feature of this mouse is its comfort grip…

…which is designed to ensure comfort and a good grip while using it.

If you are looking for a gaming mouse that has 7 buttons…

…and looks like a high-end gaming mouse but at a very affordable price…

…then ZUOYA USB 7 Buttons Wired Gaming Mouse is the best option for you.

This mouse is a budget-friendly mouse that has 7 buttons, which are all programmable.

It also comes with DPI settings and programmable buttons, which makes it a perfect choice for gamers.

The mouse can be used for a long time because of its comfortable design.

It has LED lighting which helps you to use the mouse at night without any difficulty.

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ZUOYA USB 7 Buttons Wired Gaming Mouse is a highly responsive gaming mouse…

….with a high-end optical sensor and advanced gaming software.

The mouse has 7 buttons which can be programmed to perform multiple functions.

It has an onboard memory that stores the settings for each of the 7 buttons…

…so you can customize the buttons to your liking.

The mouse is compatible with all the latest operating systems and works on all the devices.

The design of the mouse is very unique and its compact size makes it comfortable to use.

The mouse can be easily used for gaming purposes and can also be used for office work as well.

The mouse has a USB interface which makes it easy to connect to the PC.

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Perhaps you are wondering…

What are the Functions of Gaming Mice Buttons?

While everyone understands how to utilize a mouse’s right and left buttons…

…most people are unaware of what the side buttons perform.

Programmable buttons are the side buttons of gaming mouse.

These buttons can be programmed to carry out whatever duty you give them.

These buttons are used in gaming when you need to execute in-game commands.

You won’t have to learn the command sequence this way. In games like World of Warcraft…

…for example, the side keys can be programmed to open maps or cast spells with a single click.

They can be used for scoping and firing in games like Call of Duty.

Most gamers set one of their side buttons to a certain job.

It makes the entire gaming experience far more manageable and pleasant.

Reloading, weapon switching, jumping, sliding, health boost, altering the camera…

…throwing, peeping, hiding, casting spells, running, opening voice messages…

…and many other actions are among the most popular programmed tasks.

The DPI (Dots Per Inch) button is another important gaming mouse button.

The switchable DPI button is another name for it. You can use this to change the DPI as needed.

Faster games necessitate a higher DPI range, but movements…

…such as shooting necessitate precision or a lower DPI range.

Macros are an important usage of gaming mouse side buttons.

With just a few mouse clicks, you can do difficult and repetitive activities.

You can design a sequence of actions and assign them to a button if you utilize a mixture of attacks in games…

…for example. After that, all you have to do is press that button for the duration of the attack.

You can speed up your attacks by using macros. If you’re a competitive gamer, this is a useful trick.

However, not all games allow it, so be sure you understand the regulations ahead of time.

Macros are considered cheating in some games, such as Fortnight.

Can You Use Gaming Mouse Buttons for Non-gaming Tasks?

If you’re not a gamer, don’t dismiss side buttons as ineffective.

You can program functions like copy, paste, volume adjustment, undo, zooming…

…scrolling, next-previous, and more to your side buttons instead of designating a gaming action.

These buttons can be programmed to perform any task.

You can pick and choose which commands you need the most for your job.

These buttons aren’t simply for playing games with.

A succession of actions or macros can also be assigned.

Sum Up

At first, using a gaming mouse may appear difficult, but after you get the hang of it…

…you’ll discover how great and convenient it is.

Having buttons that you can reassign your favorite commands to seems like a dream come true.

This isn’t just a gaming mouse. You can reprogram whatever command you want, and it’s a simple process.


Hopefully, you’re more at ease using gaming mouse buttons now.

Adding a personal touch to the configuration by changing the commands to your preferences.

The gaming mouse’s buttons are ergonomically developed for our convenience.

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