Are Gaming Headset Better Than Headphones? Important Facts 2022

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Are gaming headset better than headphones?

Choosing a good gaming headset is no easy task — the number of gaming headsets available on the market will astound you (and also by how many of them are just terrible).

To locate a gaming headset without noticeable problems, you’ll have to look at the top of the line.

Furthermore, the marketing phrases used to describe gaming headphones can be confusing.

So, how do you decide which gaming headset is ideal for you?

This is advice from Garry.

I had been building a career as a gamer for years. 

Honestly? It’s a struggle to find the best gaming headset.

I need them to look good but work excellently too.

The thing is, there was some cheap “gaming headset” that I bought just for aesthetics.

At first, I thought that was enough, but they kept on breaking that I have to buy a new one so often.

I braced myself and buy a good gaming headset at the end.

It lasts for so long that the slightly higher cost isn’t high compared to…

…the cost I paid for replacing my old headphone!

And that’s just the beginning.

Before actually agreeing with Garry, I suggest you learn a bit more about gaming headsets.

Everyone can have a different opinion after all.

I suggest you make yours after you’re done reading so you know the truths about these great headsets.

The Quality of a Gaming Headset

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Material Comfort

The importance of comfort in a gaming headset cannot be overstated. Because you don’t know how much time you’ll spend on your next excursion, it’s critical that the headset you choose doesn’t weigh you down.

Choosing a good gaming headset is crucial since it may either offer you an advantage or put you at a disadvantage while playing a game.

To assess a gaming headset’s comfort, look at the materials utilized to construct the ear pads and headband.

Memory foam is superior because it alters its design to fit the shape of your ears.

Ear cups with thick but soft padding are another clue to look for when choosing a comfy headset.

Apart from the material, you should inspect the headset’s design to ensure that it has good adjustment levels and that the total weight is not too hefty to wear on your head for long periods of time.

What would it be like to wear an uncomfortable gaming headset on your head?

If your headset clamps too hard on your giant noggin, gaming headsets for those with larger heads may be a decent option.

It goes without saying that a good gaming headset is essential.

The Quality of the Sound

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Another feature to look for in a decent gaming headset is the sound quality headset. The quality of your gaming headset should be just as crucial as the quality of your game graphics.

Gaming headsets, unlike conventional headphones, provide wide surround sound, which helps to make a virtual game more realistic and lifelike.

Simulated surround sound is always included with some gaming headsets or headphones.

Simulated surround sound is vital for FPS gamers since it can immediately assist you in locating the enemy’s position. For FPS games, a powerful bass headset or headphone is also a must-have.

Because the sounds of explosions or gunfire are brought to life, this is the case.

Noise cancellation is another useful function that some gaming headsets (even affordable gaming headphones) include.

Any outside noise is inverted and hence canceled by using an external microphone.

This feature is useful for games that require complete focus, as it allows you to play without being distracted by the outside world.


When you choose your gaming headsets, you anticipate wearing them for an extended period of time. Some companies will overlook build quality and produce a low-cost, low-quality gaming headset.

This usually signifies you’ll need to replace your headset in a few months.

Rather than taking this approach, you can always invest in a high-quality headset that will last you a long time.


In most circumstances, a headset’s price is an accurate reflection of its quality. However, this does not imply you should spend your hard-earned cash on high-priced gaming headsets; do your homework first.

For example, some headsets have a poor sound quality yet are more expensive.

The cost of marketing a product, in most cases, has a substantial impact on the price.

A $300 headset may be worth less than $150 in hardware, but due to marketing costs, the product is offered at a higher price to provide the producers with a bigger profit margin.

Are Gaming Headset Better Than Headphones?

You may soon find yourself in the market for an excellent headset, whether you want a more immersive gaming experience or simply want to be respectful to others. Audio equipment may be costly, especially if you don’t know exactly what you’re searching for.

Should you invest in one of the best gaming headsets, or will a simple pair of headphones and a microphone suffice for late-night Fortnite sessions?

It all comes down to a few considerations, including desired quality, price range, and convenience. It can be overwhelming to shop around because there are so many possibilities.

Here’s a quick start guide to help you get going.

The Comparison

Gaming Headsets

Headphones with a built-in microphone are known as traditional gaming headsets.

They’re designed to be stand-alone solutions for people who want to get into their game as soon as possible without becoming mired down in technical minutiae.

Padded ear cups, amenities like retractable mics, and, all too often, “gamer” designs that have proven great sellers are also on the list.

This can imply a lot of brightly colored plastic, though some newer headsets, like Steelseries’, are considerably more refined.

Typically, you’ll be bombarded with a barrage of marketing buzzwords and promises designed to divert your attention away from the most important aspect of any good headset: sound quality.

While renowned gaming companies can and do offer durable, trustworthy headsets with premium features, the truth is that the majority of gaming headset lines aren’t of the finest possible quality.

Most of the time, you’ll be foregoing some of the more high-end features or quality that you’d find in a standard audio headset and microphone combo.

With low-cost headsets, you risk getting low-quality cables, plastics, hinges, and other components, which may force you to buy a new headset in a few months anyhow.

Why buy a gaming headset?

If you get a good gaming headset, you won’t have to worry about reliability; the biggest disadvantage will be sound balance, which will be inferior to a superior pair of headphones.

And while the mic won’t be as good, it’ll be adequate for voice chat while gaming, and the convenience can’t be beaten.

The Hits?

There are affordable options from a variety of brands. Also, the “one-stop-shop” mindset makes your shopping easy and simple. The headsets have adaptable setups that are compatible with almost anything.

The Misses?

The overall build quality is frequently inferior and because of the brand name, there is a higher markup. If you care about the sound quality, the sound balance is frequently overly bass-heavy.

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Gaming headset or headphone and mic?

Even if you don’t want to go into “audiophile” territory, opting for headphones over a gaming headset opens up a world of possibilities. You may mix and match the quality of headphones and a separate mic to fit your budget, and headphones come in a wide range of prices and look.

Most headphone makers are more concerned with how their headphones sound than with whether or not they have a built-in microphone or other gaming headset capabilities.

Quality headphones, in particular, strive for flat (true) sound reproduction with a balance of highs, mids, and lows.

If you’ve ever heard that Beats by Dre headphones are known for having a lot of basses, there’s a reason for that: excellent headphones are known for having well-balanced sound.

As a result, at a smaller price, you’ll almost certainly get better sound and a higher-quality product overall.

You’ll pay a little more for the individual headset and microphone set, but you’ll get long-lasting products that don’t have any gimmicks.

In comparison to less expensive alternatives, audio headsets include more comfortable, plush ear cups and headbands.

As a plus, you won’t have to worry about mic placement because you’ll be able to adjust a separate mic however you like. You won’t have to play the “find an angle where everyone can hear me” game because it’s not stuck to the side of your headset at strange angles.

The hits?

You can put together the best possible mix of products thanks to your freedom of choice. Overall, the quality has improved. The audio and microphone fidelity has been improved.

The misses?

Most of the time, Initial investment is more expensive. To build a workable combination, additional time and experience is required. It’s not as simple as going to the store and purchasing a gaming headset.

Final Words

So, which configuration should you choose?

It all boils down to how much cash you’re willing to put up.

If gaming is just a passing interest for you, and you only spend a few minutes a day with it, it’s best to start with a less expensive gaming headset and work your way up.

Thankfully, today’s finest gaming headsets avoid most of these difficulties by providing excellent sound quality and a stylish style that won’t make you feel self-conscious about wearing them outside the house.


That’s all from us, but how about you? 

We’d love to hear what you think about these gaming headsets.

Share your story in the comment box down below!

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