Are Cloth Mouse Pads Good? 4 Superb Benefits From This Mouse Pads

Are cloth mouse pads good? The mousepad is a crucial part of your daily computer use. In fact, many users never use the other ports on their computers. That’s because they’re stuck with the standard fabric mouse pad, which can get old and worn out. They might even have that particular scent that no amount of cleaning can get rid of. In this article, we have an article about best large leather mouse pad office desk that you might want to read about it.

A mousepad is a surface for placing and moving a computer mouse.”

What is mouse pads?

Mouse pads are a must-have for every computer user. It helps to keep your mouse in a comfortable position, and prevent it from slipping off the desk. Mouse pads come in different sizes and thicknesses, depending on the size of your mouse. The bigger the mouse pad, the more it will protect your mouse from slipping off the desk. However, it should be noted that the bigger the mousepad, the less room you have at your side for other things like keyboards or paperclips.

A mouse pad is a thin rubber or plastic cushion of about about 12 square inches or less with a plastic or textured surface. A mouse pad provides better traction and more precise cursor movement for a mouse than a desktop or other surface.”

What is cloth mouse pads?

Cloth mousepads are made of soft fabric; therefore, they are also called plush mousepads. They are not only good for keeping your mouse in place but also make your office look classy. Moreover, they can be easily cleaned with water. Cloth mousepads are available in a variety of colors so that your workplace has a unique ambience.

Are Cloth Mouse Pads Good?

So, are cloth mouse pads good? A mouse pad should not only be a way to keep your mouse in place but it should also provide comfort while using your computer. The material used in making this product should not cause any health hazards if exposed to direct sunlight, because these products are usually covered with light-proof plastic sheeting. These days there are various types of mouse pads which include hard mouse pads, cloth mouse pads, etc. There are many advantages of using cloth mousepads over the normal ones:


Most of us spend most of our time sitting at workstation where we use our computers. When we sit too much, our body gets stiff and uncomfortable. A mouse pad provides cushion to the surface where the mouse rests thus preventing injuries associated with prolonged sitting. In addition to this, it makes the whole mouse pad look attractive and stylish.


If you are using a regular mouse pad, then sooner or later, it becomes dirty. Maintaining the cleanliness of your mouse pad is an important part of maintaining a neat and tidy office. The best mouse pads do not get messy and dirt quickly as compared to the ordinary one.


If you have sensitive skin, then it may hurt when touching the rough surface of a regular mouse pad. But, cloth mouse pads are safe, as they are very smooth, soft and gentle on your hands. This allows you to touch them without feeling nervous about possible infections.

Cost Effective

You might think that the price of cloth mouse pads is more than their counterparts. But, if you compare the cost of replacing an old mouse pad with cloth mouse pads with the cost of buying new mouse pad, then you will realize that it is actually cheaper.

How To Clean Cloth Mouse Pads?

We all know how often a mouse pad needs cleaning. The best way to clean a mouse pad is simply by wetting it with some warm water. You must ensure that the water does not soak through the pad. After soaking, wash the mouse pad with mild soap solution. Rinse the mouse pad thoroughly before drying it completely.

Why do I need a mouse pad?

A mouse pad is an important tool for any computer user. There are some reasons why you need one:

  • You want to protect your desk from scratches.
  • No matter how careful you are when using your mouse, it may slip off your desk due to friction. Therefore, you need a mouse pad to prevent this from happening.
  • You want to reduce the risk of injuring your hand while operating the mouse.
  • Your mouse may contact your keyboard causing you to accidentally hit the wrong keys. A mouse pad protects both the mouse and the keyboard.
  • You want to promote cleanliness and order in your office.

In order to increase productivity, you should create a neat working environment. You can use a mouse pad as a way to achieve that goal. It helps to keep clutter away from your work area and thereby promotes orderliness.

Why do I need a good quality mouse pad?

To put the best possible protection on your mouse, all the better surfaces should be used. There are several types of mouse pads available: rubber, foam, cloth. Rubber mouse pads are cheap, but they don’t provide any protection against drops – even when they feel soft. They are also prone to scratches and wear out quickly. A good quality mouse pad should be made of high density material such as microfiber cloth, felt, or vinyl. These materials are thick and durable, and also offer the most comfort for your mouse. Of course, if you prefer something very light, then you shouldn’t hesitate to get a mouse pad made of plastic or cardboard.

How often should I replace my mouse pad?

Even though mouse pads last longer than normal mouse buttons, they still have a limited life span. This means that the surface of the mouse pad begins to look worn after a certain period of time. Some people even recommend replacing their mouse pad once every year or every six months. In general, regular cleaning and maintenance will extend the life of your mouse pad significantly. You can clean your mouse pad using a damp cloth . Wipe away dust particles with a dry cloth. Keep in mind that mouse pads absorb moisture, so they should not be stored under direct sunlight.

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